Core Services

Conceptually, contract warehousing is very simple: The client contracts the management of its products or services to a third party for an agreed period of time so that the client can focus on its core business. It is a model with proven success and benefits across many types of industry.

Conceptually, EDI is the process and communication method by which the major retailers transact with their suppliers. For any suppliers currently selling or wanting to sell products in to any of the major retailers, having EDI capability is mandatory. ACR is accredited with most of the major retailers. This includes the packaging, labelling and delivery requirements of each. Increasingly, more and more independent retailers are migrating towards EDI trading with their suppliers in the interests of improving supply chain efficiency and accuracy.

ACR would be happy to manage your Cross Docking requirements. Experience has proven that planning, communication and the provision of timely and accurate information is the key to successful and efficient cross dock operations. Cross Docking offers many benefits and is an ideal way to reduce handling, operating and storage costs in addition to achieving faster turnaround of stock and availability to end user.

Essentially this refers to a relationship whereby ACR provides warehousing services on a non contract related basis where there are a number of reasons why a business cannot or will not enter into a fixed term formal contract at the end.

ACR is committed to offering a transport solution that is aligned to our customers Product & Customer Profile, Lead Time, Cost Limitations and Service Expectations.We have strong relationships with many of the industry’s leading freight providers and can provide fully integrated and cost effective solutions for:

- Express Freight services
- General Freight services
- Air Freight services
- Same Day Courier services
- Home Delivery services
- Pre-Paid Satchel services
- Returns Management

Managed Services

In addition to its core services, ACR’s non-core support is managed through our selected business partners in areas such as:

International Freight Services, including air/sea freight import/export, charter, expediting and order management.
Brokerage services, including brokerage, customs consultancy, EDI Landed Costing, PO Management, Tariff and Concession and Duty Drawback.
Value Add Services including Call Centre, Quality Assurance, Consultancy, Project Management and 4PL.

Air Freight – Import and Export
Sea Freight – Import and Export
Charter Expediting
Order Management

Customs Consultancy
Landed Costing
PO Management
Tariff and Concession
Duty Drawback

Call Centre
Quality Assurance
Project Management


For many businesses looking to outsource their warehousing activities to a third party, one of the fundamental objectives is to streamline business processes, and in doing so achieve cost reductions and service improvements.

One key step in this is interfacing the host system (client’s ERP or Accounting system) and the WMS. The objective is typically to achieve full electronic data transfer between the client (Host) and the WMS (ACR).

Conceptually, ACR will workshop with the client to:

- Identify what information the host system currently generates and in what format.
- Identify what level of data translation is required to accept the Host information into the WMS.
- Identify what information needs to be provided back to the Host and in what format.

A Host system interface can be relatively easy to achieve. ACR would be happy to work with you in mapping out the process and how this is best achieved.

ACR is fully committed to employing industry leading technology across the spectrum of its business operation. The technology ACR employs is designed to cater not only for today’s requirements but also that for the future. We have benchmarked our choice of technology against industry best practice.

ACR operates and maintains its IT systems in house. The business operates with the use of two Servers – one server to support the Warehouse Management System, the other server supporting all other business applications.

The server hardware is identical across both units in the case of catastrophic failure. Disk drives can be moved between servers to get a required server fully functioning in a short period of time. All servers have redundant power supplies.

All systems are fully supported by Trend Micro anti-virus software and is centrally monitored via the Anti Virus system with alerts sent to IT support staff.

In line with ACR’s commitment to employ industry leading technology, ACR has solicited the services and support of a logistics software solutions business called Paperless Warehousing.

The Paperless Warehousing system is one of the most robust and flexible on the market with the ability to tailor the system to meet the needs, demands and complexities of any sized operation. The system employs the latest radio frequency and bar-coding technology ensuring total supply chain visibility.

Within the warehouse and linked to the WMS, ACR operates with a Motorola Wireless Network supported by the use of Motorola wearable computers with real time Radio Frequency installed and supported by Dematic Pty Ltd.